San Antonio's diggin' Barefoot Larry & the T. J. B.

larryurb.jpg (224130 bytes)  Barefoot Larry (Larry Collins) Washtub Bass, Vocals, Harmonica, Washboard, Kazoo, Upright Bass, and Guitar. 

Larry is a published San Antonio singer/songwriter, and former solo entertainer. The band's playlist features several pieces of his Country original material.

Larry also plays an actual wooden Upright Bass in an Americana Duo, booking as "Acoustic Roots", doing "Roots" music.  

Jim Fox - Vocals, Banjo, Fiddle, Pennywhistle  jimwedding02.jpg (86212 bytes) jimwedding02-2.jpg (80988 bytes) Jim Fox: Vocals, Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, & pennywhistle. Jim is a very talented multi-instrument musician, & entertainer.  He is available, along with Maggie Fox, as a duo, "The Foxes".  Jim & Maggie have a strong background in Folk & Celtic music.
Maggie Fox - Vocals & Guitar Maggie Fox: Vocals & Guitar. Maggie supplies our female vocals and rhythm guitar. She is available for booking, with Jim as a duo, "The Foxes".  Jim & Maggie have a strong background in Folk & Celtic music.
  Tom Mandlbaum - Mandolin, Harmonica, Washtub Bass, Guitar Tom Mandelbaum: Mandolin, harmonica, Washtub Bass, Vocals & Guitar. Tom principally plays Mandolin for the jug band, but is  multi-instrumental.
gatorwedding44.jpg (59910 bytes)
"Gator Ron" Raimey:
Gator Ron plays Jug and Washboard. Pictured here with his favorite jug, which originally held "White Corn Whiskey" from the McCormick Distillery in Weston, Missouri, in the Platte Valley. The jug is still actually marked "Straight Corn Whiskey" on the front.


Onstage in The Jersey Lilly, at the Pabst Brewery, in San Antonio.




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Barefoot Larry sometimes plays a wooden bass too!

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